Enjoy Your Bath Time:How to take a relaxing bath

Enjoy Your Bath Time:How to take a relaxing bath

Before you get into the tub, you can put on a face mask, which is very relaxing while soaking in the bath.

Enjoy a glass of wine and a hearty snack while soaking.
Take this opportunity to savor that special treat you’ve been saving. While chocolate or candy may be a favorite bath time treat, you can choose whatever you like! It’s best to avoid anything that might get crumbs in your bathwater, though.

If you don’t drink, choose something else! Soda feels special and there are so many great flavors to choose from. Even coffee or tea can be enjoyable as long as it doesn’t make you too hot.

Read a good book or magazine and enjoy some indulgent me-time.
Bring along that book you’ve been wanting to read forever, or grab a fun magazine the next time you’re at the grocery store. Whatever you choose, spend some private time doing something relaxing for yourself.

Keep a towel nearby to dry your hands so the pages of a book or magazine don’t get wet.

After a long day, exfoliate and soften the skin with a body scrub.
Buy a scrub from the store or make your own at home. While you’re in the tub, scoop up about 2 to 3 tablespoons (30 to 44 ml) of the scrub and rub it onto your arms and legs in circular motions. Rinse off the scrub when you’re done.

You can use a body scrub at any point in your bath, but if you don’t like bathing in a rinse-off scrub, wait until you’re about to head out.

Dry with a clean, fluffy towel after bathing.
Before you get in the tub, take a moment to pick a clean towel from the cupboard and place it next to the tub. This way, you don’t have to use that old wet towel from your morning shower.

Consider having a special towel just for your relaxing bath. This will keep the towels in great condition and make your self-care time extra special.

Enjoy Your Bath Time:How to take a relaxing bath

To keep your towels fluffier, use less detergent and allow them to dry in less time than other clothes.

If you hate the feeling of cold china against your skin, invest in a waterproof pillow to rest your head in the tub.

American Soft Linen 4 Piece Bath Towel Set

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Enjoy Your Bath Time:How to take a relaxing bath

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Enjoy Your Bath Time:How to take a relaxing bath

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Enjoy Your Bath Time:How to take a relaxing bath

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