Enjoy A Bath-Body Brush Set/Shower Brush Kit

Lcogete Dry Brushing Body Brush Set with Long Handle,Natural Bristle Body Brush, Rubber SPA Massage Brush, Foot Care Pumice Stone Brush,Plant Fiber Bath Gloves, Shower Brush Kit (4 Pack)

Why do you choose our Dry Body Brush Kit?

  1. With a detachable long handle design, the bristles body brush can easily clean all parts of the body, clean the pores and exfoliate, remove dirt and dead skin, excess oil and residues in the pores, and make the skin smooth and clean.

    2. The rubber spa massage brush softens the skin’s stearic, help reducing cellulite, flushes the body’s lymph nodes, detoxify by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph flow/ drainage, and makes your body more relaxed and healthy.

    3. The foot care pumice stone brush uses a two-sided design, you can brush away dirt on and under the nails with the bristle brush side, safely remove calluses and dead skin from your feet by using the pumice stone side.

    4. This 4 piece body brush set combines the stress relieving effects of massage with the beautifying benefits of exfoliation and microcirculation, which will help make skin smooth and beautiful, so you will feel relax and refreshed.

    Long Dry Body Brush
    Material: wood handle + boar bristle
    Size:42*6.5*3.5cm/16.5*2.5*1.4 inch

    SPA Massage Brush
    Material: wood handle + eco-friendly rubber
    Size:42*6.5*3.5cm/16.5*2.5*1.4 inch

    Foot Care Pumice Stone Brush
    Material: pumice, bristles, cotton rope, wooden
    Size:18*3.5*3.8cm/7*1.4*1.5 inch
    Design: two-sided

    Bath Gloves
    Material: plant fiber
    Size:21*11*0.5cm/8.3*4.3*0.2 inch

    Package Size:42*17*5.5cm/16.5*6.7*2.2inch
    Handle Length:34cm/13.4 inch

    Package Included
    1* Boar Bristle Dry Brush
    1* SPA Massage Brush
    1* Foot Care Pumice Stone Brush
    1* Plant Fiber Bath Gloves
    1* Kraft Paper Carton

Enjoy A Bath-Body Brush Set/Shower Brush Kit

Enjoy A Bath-Body Brush Set/Shower Brush Kit

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