A Good Bath Pillow/Bathtub Pillow

September 14, 2022

Bath Haven Bath Pillow Bathtub Pillow Back Neck Support Pillow, Spa Cushion for Tub, Relaxing Headrest Bath Pillow, Portable Washable Bathtub Accessories with 3D Air Mesh Thick Soft Bath Pillow, White

Luxury Comfort Cloud

Has this ever happened to you? You can all take a leisurely shower. But the back of the tub is hard and cold and will leave your neck and shoulders sore.

This ergonomic bath pillow is from Bass Harbour. Unlike thin pillows, it completely wraps your head, neck and shoulders…so you can simply lie back and relax in the comfort of the soft cushion. No more pain. There is only gentle support around.

So, go ahead…enjoy. Indulge in a long hot spring bath. Pamper yourself. This is what you deserve.


Won’t Slip & Slide: Chintzy suction cups often come unstuck, so your bath pillow slides all over the tub’s slick, slippery surface.

Extra-Durable Construction: Your Bath Haven pillow is crafted for keeps, from its plush, airy fabric to its shimmery satin edging. Rely on it for years of relaxation.

Easy to Care ForSimply slip your luxe new bath cushion inside its protective wash bag (included), then drop it into the washing machine.

Stress Relief for Pressure Points

Notice that “wave-pattern” stitching? It’s designed to provide strategic support for tender, sensitive areas, such as your spine and cervical vertebrae. Plus, it conforms to your body’s contours for truly customized cushioning. Relief never felt so good.

Your Bath Haven pillow is different. Six super-strong suction cups keep it firmly secured to the back of your bathtub. So you can bathe in carefree confidence.

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